Kaia Health leadership team strengthens digital health business

Former Microsoft and Allscripts executives join Kaia Health senior leadership team

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Four panels showing Kaia Health's COO, CFO, VP of Product, and US Commercial Chief Medical Officer

Kaia Health has announced the addition of several digital health and technology executives to its leadership team:

  • Chief Operations Officer Gemma Wenstrom
  • Chief Financial Officer Manu Diwakar
  • Vice President of Product Sanid Khilnani
  • Chief Medical Officer, US Commercial, Justin Yang, M.D.

The new hires will support Kaia Health’s rapid U.S. and EU growth, with the company’s workforce expected to have more than 200 employees by the end of 2021.

“By attracting the industry’s best talent, we are further strengthening our digital health business and enhancing product development,” said Konstantin Mehl, Kaia Health President, CEO, and Founder.  “This includes the development of our new Gateway and Premium Partners next-generation MSK care solution.”

Kaia Gateway integrates with the existing care landscape to benefit employers, providers, health plans, and their populations. The Gateway care pathway is built upon the Kaia Health digital MSK care app and its advanced computer vision technology. Working together, they provide automated, evidence-based, real-time exercise feedback by tracking exercise form through the user’s smartphone camera. In a new clinical study published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Medical Internet Research, Kaia Health computer vision technology was demonstrated to be as accurate as a physical therapist in suggesting exercise corrections.

These recent developments have helped establish Kaia Health as the digital MSK care technology market leader. Kaia Health computer vision technology makes it possible for the first time to provide users with exercise guidance during each and every exercise session. This proprietary technology is already included in the Kaia Health product and complements its U.S. network of physical therapists.

Kaia Health leadership team new hires

Gemma Wenstrom comes to Kaia Health from Veradigm, the innovation and health tech solution team at Allscripts. She will help Kaia Health further scale its operations and processes to accommodate rapid demand growth in the healthcare ecosystem. “The Kaia Health mission is to empower chronic-condition patients all over the globe with an accessible, multimodal approach to understanding, measuring, and alleviating their symptoms. I’m delighted to join a dynamic team and help expand the impact of this innovative company.”

Manu Diwakar is a veteran of numerous growth-stage companies who began his career at Bain & Co. and Bain Capital. After graduating from Harvard Business School, he joined the finance team at Riot Games and helped to scale the company to over $1 billion in revenue. At Kaia Health, Manu will support the company’s financial goals and focus on fostering a culture that makes Kaia Health an amazing place to work. He’s excited about how technology can revolutionize the way MSK care is delivered to patients and make the world a healthier place.

Sanid Khilnani has more than 12 years of experience building world-class innovative products and features at Microsoft, where he worked on Skype and Outlook. He was recently Vice President of Product Management at social networking app Airtime. “As a chronic disease patient myself, using accessible, innovative technology to help improve health and wellness outcomes and to manage real physical pain is both empowering and inspiring. My in-depth product knowledge and leadership experience will be vital in creating and upscaling the Kaia Health product to best serve the needs of our users.”

Specializing in chronic disease prevention, Justin Yang, M.D., is a Harvard-trained, dual board-certified physician and assistant professor of medicine at Boston University. Justin is also a faculty member of the Harvard occupational medicine residency program. He has more than 10 years of clinical and research experience in population health and MSK pain care. At Kaia Health, Justin will be responsible for building clinical care pathways and partnership strategies, articulating clinical outcomes data, and working on clinical trials. Justin has witnessed the challenges and complexities associated with access to MSK care. Therefore, he is excited about Kaia Health’s mission to make effective therapy accessible to patients anywhere and at any time.

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