Keeping Up With Your Back Health Routine at Home

Being home more often than usual doesn’t mean your back health needs to backslide. Luckily, your Kaia Back pain app works any time, anywhere. No gym or any special equipment needed!

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A man stretches back deeply onto a pillow.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be temporarily homebound to help “flatten the curve.”  This has probably put you in the position of making several adjustments to your daily routine. Working remotely now? Trying to stay up to date with news developments? Tasked with keeping your school-age kids occupied during the day?

It can certainly feel like a lot of changes to handle all at once. But being home more often than usual doesn’t mean your back health needs to backslide. Luckily, your Kaia Pain app works any time, anywhere. No gym or any special equipment needed! Read on for advice on how to bolster your motivation and keep up with your back health routine at home.

Create structure. If you’re spending more time at home and perhaps working remotely, it’s important to structure your day to stay on track with your obligations and goals. That way, you can still get done what needs to get done in a balanced way. That includes not only finishing work, but keeping up with your Kaia exercises, doing chores, staying socially connected, even getting some quality downtime. Tips: Wake up at the same time each day with an alarm. Set aside time to exercise daily. Create a dedicated workspace at home (your reclining chair might put you to sleep!).

Plan your exercise days. Planning your exercise days is a great way to help make them happen. We suggest getting pretty specific with this: Plan not just the day, but the time of day, the type of exercise you’ll be doing, and where you plan on doing it (at home or outside if you’re able), too. Just click on “Settings” in the upper-right corner in the “You” tab in your Kaia Pain app. Select the days you want to exercise. Then choose “Yes” when prompted to receive reminders to keep you on track. Need help with planning your exercise dates and sticking to them? Reach out to your Kaia Coach for support.

Create a dedicated exercise area. With the Kaia Pain app, you have the freedom to exercise anywhere, including from home. You’ll be more likely to stick to your exercise routine at home if you create a special space for it. Have a favorite room or even an inviting corner of the house where there’s some space to move around? Make it your dedicated exercise area. Bring in your exercise mat and any other things you like to use, like towels, resistance bands, or hand weights. Bonus points for making your space inspiring and attractive: Post a few terrific motivational quotes on the wall, or add a plant or two.

Prepare the night before. Kaia Coaches swear by this motivational tool. It’s especially helpful if you want to exercise in the morning. Lay out your workout clothes, roll out your exercise mat, and fill your water bottle the night before. Why? You’re more likely to follow through with exercise if you do as much as you can to prep the night before.

Get creative with using household items in your routine. You’ve probably already noticed that your Kaia Pain app makes use of chairs and stools for certain exercises like squats. Here are a few other clever ideas: Need hand weights but don’t have any? Use gallon water jugs. Been sitting too long working remotely or watching TV? Try these back stretches using your doorway.

Get support. Research indicates that having an activity buddy can boost your motivation to exercise.(1) The best part? It goes both ways! Get creative about virtual ways to help each other stay accountable for fitness goals. Maybe a daily check-in call? Or a weekly online meetup? Make it fun and frequent—and watch your motivation skyrocket. Don’t forget, your Kaia Coach is always there to support you, too. Just go to the “Coach” tab in your Kaia app to chat with your Kaia Coach or schedule a call.

Reward yourself. Did you follow through with your planned exercise days? Great job! Do something to reward yourself, like enjoying a warm bath, watching a movie, or reading a funny book (with good sitting posture, that is!). Did you miss a workout session? Don’t be too hard on yourself. Just pick up where you left off and start again.

1. Irwin BC, Scorniaenchi J, Kerr NL, Eisenmann JC, Feltz DL. Aerobic exercise is promoted when individual performance affects the group: a test of the Kohler motivation gain effect. Ann Behav Med. 2012;44(2):151-159.

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