Home-based Pulmonary Rehabilitation, reinvented.

Despite [Pulmonary Rehabilitation] showing clear evidence, this economic and effective intervention is not yet broadly implemented as demanded by international guidelines.

Gloeckl et al., 2018

Kaia is about to change this; by digitising Pulmonary Rehabilitation and bringing it to patients' homes on their smartphone.

*Compared to any other therapy, including medication.

The Gold Standard in COPD

Pulmonary rehabilitation can lead to a long-lasting behavior change. It shows superior outcomes, compared to any other therapy (including medication) regarding the endpoints:

  1. Exercise Capacity
  2. Health-Related Quality of Life
  3. Dyspnea

Kaia’s digital solution provides affordable, accessible digital pulmonary rehabilitation.

Comprehensive COPD education

Relevant information in concise modules to boost self-efficacy

Customised daily training sessions

15 minutes of daily COPD-relevant exercises using Kaia Health virtual physical therapy

Mindfulness and stress relief

Tailored mindfulness and relaxation exercises, including breathing techniques

Access to our certified Coaches*

Screening, Onboarding, elements of CBT, motivational interviewing, SMART goals, positive psychology, intrinsic coaching, resourcefulness

*Kaia can integrate with your existing health coaching resources

Addition to improve medication adherence

  • Accessible

    No waiting lists, no travel and no obstacles – meaning users can start anywhere, anytime.

  • Cost-effective

    Human support combined with custom programs for each individual reduces time and costs.

  • Flexible

    Variable exercise lengths and modules mean programs can be tailored to any schedule.

Observational data collection

Clinical evidence

“We investigated anonymized data from users of the Kaia COPD app on in-app retention and the change in health-related quality of life (COPD assessment test and Chronic Respiratory Disease Questionnaire) during a period of 20 exercise days with the app.”

“In finishers, there was a statistically significant effect above the minimum clinically important threshold of the CRQ score on the domains of fatigue, mastery, and emotional function.”

Source: healthleadersmedia.com

Users who fulfilled inclusion criteria: 56
Users who finished exercise day 20 at the time of the analysis: 34 (61%)
Mean age: 57.5 ± 7.8; 80% females
Average duration for 20-day core program completion: 33 ± 11 days
Rassouli et al., 2018, Int J COPD
Digitalizing multidisciplinary pulmonary rehabilitation in COPD with a smartphone application: an international observational pilot study, ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6260122/

Users finishing the 20-day program reduced:
CAT-scores: mean improvement -2.5 points from 21.6 ± 7.7 to 19.1 ± 8.4; p= 0.008
CRQ-scores: mean improvement 0.5 points from 3.6 ± 1.0 to 4.1 ± 1.1; p< 0.001

Why your organisation needs Kaia

Access to care

Access to pulmonary rehabilitation can be made difficult by limited resources and costs. Kaia is available to any patient in need, including those with transportation challenges or located in rural areas.

Opportunity to address a costly disease

COPD is an enormous cost for healthcare systems in Europe. In the UK alone, lung conditions are estimated to cost the NHS and patients around £9.9 billion each year, according to the British Lung Foundation.

Potential to reduce readmissions

More than 35% of hospital-admitted COPD exacerbation patients were readmitted within 90 days, according to a 2016 audit of the largest European dataset of COPD hospitalisation quality of care and outcomes.

Let’s talk

We’re working with providers and payers to make Kaia available to all people suffering from COPD. Let’s connect to see if there’s a fit with your population and current offering.

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