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Clinically proven outcomes, compared to surgery, pain killers and other treatments.

Those suffering the most from pain (more than 4 on a pain scale of 10) reported a 40% decrease in pain level and a 58% increase in quality of sleep

A continuum of care as diverse as your patients

Kaia Gateway offers dynamic triage & escalation pathways, including case review by Kaia medical providers. In addition, Premium Partner integrations sets a new standard of interoperability within your health care ecosystem.

What is Motion CoachTM?

Motion Coach is a computer vision and motion analysis technology that fits in your patient’s pocket. With the selfie camera of a smartphone and Kaia’s proprietary AI algorithms, Motion Coach can analyze movements in real-time to evaluate performance and guide users through training.

Comparing Kaia’s full-body, motion-tracking technology with traditional sensors

Most MSK solutions require wearable equipment. Kaia patients, however, need only their phone – with no additional hardware or sensors.

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How can Motion CoachTM guide your patients?

  • Enable & activate patients' spatial awareness

    Indentify body landmarks in an image or video to understand someone’s posture and movement.

  • Ensure proper form during exercise

    Make exercising fun and safe by analyizing form and delivering real-time corrective feedback.

  • Quantify movement as a digital biomarker

    Calculate flexibility, range of motion, and stability to determine fitness level and other measures of health.

Working with your team to support patient-centered care

Value-based care

Supporting value-based care models and contracts.

Increase engagement

Kaia provides detailed analytics and feedback to empower patients and boost engagement, thus maintaining patient volume.

Available 24/7

On-demand availability engages patients sooner and maintains patient contact, enabling your practice to engage more patients with less time.

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