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Proven MSK care that combines human care with superior technology to achieve better outcomes.

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Kaia Health Continues Build-out of Leadership Team with Appointment of Beth R. Jacobson, J.D., as General Counsel

How is Kaia different?

  • PT-grade automated feedback delivered to your smartphone

  • Integrates with leading medical providers

  • Coaches and medical professionals where beneficial

  • Most rigorous clinical evidence

Kaia Health is the largest MSK platform worldwide

  • 60M
    lives covered worldwide
  • +500k
    Kaia users worldwide
  • ~100
    US employers offer Kaia today

Trusted by leading
US employers and health plans

The next-generation MSK solution that integrates into the existing care landscape.

Kaia Gateway offers dynamic triage & escalation pathways including case review by Kaia medical providers. In addition, Premium Partner integrations sets a new standard of interoperability within your health care ecosystem.

AI precision with a human touch.

  • Human care where beneficial

    Kaia coaches and medical providers are here to drive engagement and ensure patients get the right care.

  • Personalized therapy

    Every day, Kaia’s algorithm adapts the therapy to the individual user’s needs, ranging from physical, psychological, and educational aspects of pain.

  • Technology beyond telePT and sensors

    Kaia's computer vision technology features real-time, automated exercise feedback, objective function assessment, and gamified warmups.

Highest clinically proven outcomes, compared to surgery, pain killers, PT, and other treatments¹

¹Priebe (2020). Digital Treatment of Back Pain versus Standard of Care: The Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial

  • 136% more pain reduction
  • 115% more anxiety improvement
  • 117% more depression improvement
  • 200% more stress improvement

Tailored programs for all MSK cases

Our tailored exercise program targets specific pain areas.

  • Total back
  • Neck, shoulder & elbow
  • Hip & knee
  • Wrist, hand, ankle & foot

Kaia’s approach to pain management resonates with me. In my career as a professional golfer, I have always preferred a custom exercise program to taking pain killers or undergoing surgery.

Rory McIlroy
Four-time major champion

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