At Kaia, our mission is to empower millions of people around the world to live their healthiest lives.

We realize that without our team of amazing employees, this mission would not be possible. This is why we aim to maintain our unique culture which keeps us unified, happy, and successful.

Meet the team

  • Profile photo of Konstantin Mehl, Founder and CEO.

    Konstantin Mehl

    Founder and CEO
  • Liz Selvig

    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Profile photo of Chief Operating Officer Gemma Wenstrom.

    Gemma Wenstrom

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Mardi Gauthier

    VP of Client Success
  • Brittanie Kraft

    VP of Operations
  • Ali Price

    VP of Marketing & Communications
  • Max Strobel

    VP of Engineering
  • Joe Weigel

    VP of Product

We know that companies that have a strong culture and higher purpose perform better in the long run.

As we continue to grow, we nurture company culture and blaze the trail for success by living our values.

While the list below isn’t exhaustive, it represents the core of who we are as Kaianeers.

Our core values

To be the best company and team that we can be, we follow these values:

We always put our users first

Kaia builds the best digital-health products in the world by caring deeply about people living with chronic conditions. We serve their needs above all else.

Kaianeers identify with our vision and are energized by contributing to that vision for the benefit of the many.

We listen to and advocate for our users. In doing so, we offer solutions that put the power where it belongs: in their hands.

We help each other to deliver the best results

As a team, we’re greater than the sum of our parts. Therefore, we strive to empower each other, both individually and collectively. Being kind and providing constructive feedback are core Kaia cultural values.

We clarify issues to find the best solution, and we foster a culture of healthy and honest communication.

We collaborate across disciplines and avoid siloed thinking.

We listen to, challenge, and celebrate each other. We grow stronger together as we learn from our shortcomings and successes.

We are owners

Every Kaineer is a leader. We are proactive and do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

Working at Kaia means stepping up if we see an issue or challenge that could adversely affect our team or our users—even if it’s an issue outside our core job description. Taking initiative and action is celebrated at Kaia.

Everyone’s role at Kaia is important, and all of our actions contribute to the Kaia mission.

We dive deep into issues to find the best solutions

We take the time to fully understand and appreciate an issue in all its complexity. Moreover, we move ahead only when we have confidently reached a solution.

Data-driven decisions and hypothesis-driven experiments are the primary tools we use to discover and deliver the best solutions.

Just like chronic pain, you must address the issue holistically to come up with a solution. There are many parts, but the issue can’t be solved until all of them are addressed.

We get things done

We dream big. But we’re also able to put one foot in front of the other to get where we want to go.

We pragmatically create an action plan and forge ahead to make it happen. If any obstacles come up, we deal with them fairly and squarely.

We are eager to learn and have an impact

As Kaianeers, we strive to build something bigger than we are, with an infinite vision for improvement—but we do so with humility. We aim to build a bigger cake instead of wanting to have the biggest piece of the cake.

Kaianeers have high expectations of ourselves and others. But we’re also transparent about our strengths and growing edges. We seek to develop the new skills and expertise required to bring Kaia to the next level.

We recognize the need to learn and improve, independent of past successes and titles.

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