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Juggling a busy life and managing pain? Then you know that, eventually, pain will catch up with you.

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This is where Kaia can help. Get physical exercises and mind-body relaxation techniques on your smartphone whenever you need them. We’ll teach you how to manage your pain with fewer visits to the doctor.

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Collage of men and women performing neck, back, and ab exercises.

Addressing pain throughout your body

Where does it hurt? Our tailored exercise program targets the specific areas where you feel pain.

  • Total back
  • Neck, shoulder & elbow
  • Hip & knee
  • Wrist, hand, ankle & foot

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Trusted pain care at your service

  • Made to fit your life

    Your program includes a full year of pain management with the convenience of a mobile app. With exercises you can do in minutes, fitting them into your day is easy.

  • Evidence based

    Following American College of Physicians guidelines, Kaia offers drug-free pain management with mind-body exercises.

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    All costs covered

    Because we're partnering with your employer or health plan, your insurance covers the entire cost of the Kaia program. That means you can tackle your pain without spending a dime.

What your program includes

Your personalized program is based on your fitness and mobility. As you grow stronger, your program will change with you.

  • Access to unlimited 1-on-1 support from certified health coaches

  • Expertly curated physical exercises to strengthen your body

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  • Muscle relaxation and mindfulness to tackle stress-related pain

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  • Bite-sized lessons that help you understand the causes of your pain

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I've tried everything... Massages, vibration tools, yoga, you name it. Nothing helped. ...I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s an incredible app and it really changed my life. I can actually walk and golf again.

Mark Kaia user since 2019
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4 simple steps to beginning your journey

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    Set up your account to begin building your pain profile.
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    Fill out a pain assessment so we can evaluate how pain is affecting you.
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    Get your personalized therapy plan based on your assessment results.
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    Jump into your Kaia Day 1 with a light workout and see what Kaia is about.
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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I get access to the Kaia Health app?

    1. Click on the Getting Started button and enter your personal information to create an account. We will check if your costs are covered by your employer or health care plan.
    2. Answer all questions of the questionnaire. These help us to customize the Kaia therapy to your needs.
    3. Once you have answered all questions, we will send you the link to download the Kaia Health app. You can access your program by entering your account credentials, created in step 1.
  • How does the Kaia Health app work?

    The Kaia Health app delivers different tools, renewed daily, designed to teach you how to self-manage pain based on multimodal therapy. The Kaia Health app will present you with a holistic plan that includes daily movement exercises, relaxation exercises and knowledge modules that you can carry out anywhere and anytime. Your personal Kaia daily training program takes about 10-25 minutes depending on the number of courses you’re enrolled in.

  • Which devices and operating systems are needed to use the Kaia Health app?

    Any smartphone or tablet device operating on the following systems will work with the Kaia Health app:
    – iOS: At least version 12.0
    – Android™: At least version 5.1.0

  • Are there any hidden costs when I am using the Kaia Health app via my employer's health plan?

    There are no hidden costs with the Kaia Health app. When you are accessing your Kaia benefit via your employer’s health plan, it is completely free.

  • What are the benefits of using the Kaia Health app?

    The Kaia Health app offers several advantages to assist you on your wellness journey:

    • Based on a holistic approach recommended by physicians: The Kaia Health app is based on a holistic approach to pain called multimodal rehabilitation (MMR). MMR is holistic because it addresses not only the biological aspects of pain, but the psychological and social ones, too.
    • Creates an individualized training program: The Kaia Health app uses your feedback and input to help create a training plan just for you that adapts to your needs. You can adjust the challenge level of the physical exercises yourself by rating them in the Kaia Health app. You can also customize the length of each workout by choosing how many rounds of exercises you want to do. This makes it easy to fit your Kaia Health app training into your daily schedule.
    • Designed for everyday use: We know that life gets busy. That’s why we designed the exercises in the Kaia Health app to be short and bite-sized. That way, it’s easy to fit your Kaia Health app exercises into your routine, in just 10 to 25 minutes a day.
    • Lets you train anywhere: With the Kaia Health app, you can do your exercises wherever you find room to put down your exercise mat and get moving!
    • Helps you become your own wellness specialist: By learning new tools, information, and skills in the Kaia Health app, you can become your own wellness specialist. With the right information and the right training, you can upgrade your habits, stay positive, and keep motivated.
    • Gives real-time feedback on your exercises: Kaia Health virtual physical therapy feature offers real-time feedback on how you’re performing the exercises. Kaia Health virtual physical therapy will let you know right away if you need to make any adjustments as you’re doing the exercises, so you can get the most out of them.
  • How does a Kaia Coach support me through my journey with Kaia?

    Kaia Coaches are certified health coaches who can support you in 1:1 sessions. These sessions are designed to help you create goals and a realistic plan to succeed with the Kaia Health app. Research indicates that guidance, goal setting, and having someone to support accountability all improve adherence to therapy. Have a question or need support? Your Kaia Coach is also available to you via the Coach Chat feature in the Kaia Health app throughout your journey.

  • Who is the Kaia Health app suitable for?

    The Kaia Health app is intended to help teach people how to self-manage their nonspecific pain. (This means pain that isn’t caused by a serious disease, and where the cause isn’t clear.) The Kaia Health app is also designed to help people learn tools developed to prevent previous pain from returning.

    Targeted exercise training has been demonstrated to have a positive effect on the symptoms of chronic (lasting longer than 3 months) nonspecific pain.

    We will show you as part of the in-app onboarding process more detail under which circumstances you should not use the app. In addition, you can check the Terms and Conditions for more information.

    WARNING: The Kaia Health app cannot diagnose conditions or injuries and cannot safely exclude potentially dangerous causes for your pain. Do not use the Kaia Health app in lieu of medical consultation. Please consult your doctor if you have any questions related to your diagnosis or treatment.

    If you have a cause requiring treatment, such as a herniated disc, inflammation or injury to the spine, changes in the shape of the spine, or other diseases, the Kaia Health app is not designed to address pain related to these causes. In these instances, consult your healthcare professional to identify other possible methods for self-management best suited to you or if you could still use Kaia despite your condition.

  • How do I contact the Kaia Customer Support team?

    Do you have a question about your Kaia subscription, your access data, data protection, or do you have a technical concern? We are happy to help you at any time! Please contact us via the email addresses below:

    Please allow up to 1 business day for a response. We are happy to provide you with all the necessary information.

  • Does Kaia have access to my protected health information (PHI)?

    Yes, Kaia Health does have access to PHI and is therefore compliant with both HIPAA (in the US) and GDPR (in the EU). We understand that your health information is private and personal. We are dedicated to protecting any PHI we receive from you when you use our services. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy and HIPAA Notice.

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