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Resources to help promote Kaia to your population

We believe in a future with fewer chronic pain days, and that’s echoed in our communications. Access the marketing materials listed below to include in your benefit communications:

  • Ready-to-use copy, images and videos for newsletters, portals, internal messaging platforms or company social media
  • Ready to print direct mail letter
  • Written testimonials from Kaia members
  • FAQ of some common questions or to learn more about Kaia

Scroll down for videos you can use to promote Kaia, too!

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Video: Introduction into Kaia

Brief 90 second intro to Kaia Health

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Video: Kaia Member Stories

Hear how Kaia helped Gary get back to what he loves the most.

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Video: Digital Therapy Reimagined

Through only a smartphone or tablet, Kaia’s technology guides members through proper exercise and provides real-time feedback on movements as accurately as a physical therapist.

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