Guaranteed health and financial outcomes

Kaia Health is the first and only digital MSK solution to receive Program Validation from the Validation Institute, backed by a $50,000 guarantee.

Kaia Health has designed a digital therapy program for treating musculoskeletal conditions. Bringing together advanced computer vision technology and clinical expertise, Kaia’s program has demonstrated a significant impact on pain reduction and financial ROI.

What is the Validation Institute?

Program Validation

The Validation Institute is a renowned, independent, third-party organization that assesses health and financial claims made by healthcare companies about their products or services. The team is made up of leading epidemiologists and statisticians that review each program for health and financial outcomes and clinical rigor. Validation Institute works with leaders in healthcare to ensure transparency in the marketplace around health outcomes and cost savings.

Proven results

  • Pain reduction

    Kaia’s members saw significant pain reduction (33% after 3 months)

  • Enhanced mental well-being

    Overall improvement in both their mental and physical health

  • Reduced costs

    Up to 80% reduction in inpatient cost compared to traditional methods of treatment

Best-in-Class Cost Saving and Health Outcomes

  • Highest validation

    Kaia Health is the first and (currently only) MSK digital health company to receive Program Validation from the Validation Institute—the highest level of validation, based on health outcomes, cost-savings, and demonstrated scientific rigor in a randomized clinical trial.

  • Clinical rigor

    Kaia has published 11+ peer-reviewed clinical studies—more than any other digital MSK solution.

  • Performance guarantee

    The Validation Institute’s Program Validation carries a $50K guarantee that Kaia Health delivers on the health and financial outcomes outlined in the reports.

Access the report

Submit your information to access the Validation Institute’s full clinical evaluation of Kaia Health.

    “With Kaia, we have identified an MSK solution that is steeped in scientific rigor we rarely find in digital health. For anyone evaluating an MSK solution, Kaia would be an excellent choice."

    Al Lewis Quizzify CEO and Validation Institute Advisor

    “The clinical results we found with Kaia Health are remarkable – and we are thrilled to recognize the important work they are doing in the digital health space."

    Benny DiCecca CEO, Validation Institute