Kaia Health MSK App Reveals Reduced Back Pain & Increased Sleep

Three Harvard Pilgrim Health Care employer groups using the Kaia Health Pain Management app report positive improvements in back pain relief and sleep quality

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The value of strategic health plan partnerships

One of the most effective ways to address employee and population health in today’s dynamic healthcare environment is through traditional health plan partnerships. In a recent pilot program with leading not-for-profit health services company Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, the Kaia Health Pain Management app resulted in substantial improvements in back pain and sleep quality. The approach is part of Kaia Health’s overall strategy to provide the full continuum of digital MSK care through the power of traditional healthcare partnerships, member engagement, and cost-effective digital therapeutic delivery.

Less MSK pain, better sleep

Preliminary data from the recently completed Harvard Pilgrim Health Care pilot program revealed promising results from the use of the Kaia Health app for chronic musculoskeletal (MSK) pain. Key metrics from the app on self-reported pain level and sleep quality revealed the following:

  • Those suffering the most from pain (more than 4 on a pain scale of 10) reported a 40% decrease in pain level and a 58% increase in quality of sleep
  • Among all users, there was a 35% decrease in pain level, a 59% increase in quality of sleep, and a 92% overall user satisfaction

It’s important to note that at the start of the pilot, 80% of patients using the Kaia app exhibited clinically relevant impairment of movement. The ongoing pilot program is offering Kaia Health’s app at three Harvard Pilgrim Health Care employer groups: the City of Lynn (Massachusetts), Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Jordan’s Furniture Company.

“Our partnership with Kaia Health provides Harvard Pilgrim with an opportunity to test a unique digital program directly with our members. By providing access to non-opioid approaches to managing painful conditions, Harvard Pilgrim is seeking to help its members avoid prescriptions for opioids, which we know can lead to substance use disorder in some individuals."

Michael Sherman, M.D., Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Chief Medical Officer

Designed by a team of doctors and experts, the Kaia Health MSK app has served more than 450,000 users in the four years since its launch. This success stems in part from strategic partnerships developed with major payers and health plans to seamlessly integrate and deliver the Kaia Health app to more and more patients. It is also a testament to the company’s evidence-based approach to the digital treatment of back pain, with the Kaia Health MSK app recently proven twice as effective as standard-of-care treatments across all medical outcomes.

Conclusion & summary

At the leading edge of the technological revolution, the Kaia Health app is the most used digital-therapeutics platform in the world. Kaia Health remains committed to its mission of empowering MSK health through digital engagement, providing the full continuum of digital MSK care while expanding its offerings into COPD and hip and knee pain.

To learn more about how our evidence-based, integrated, and scalable DTx solutions are reshaping the healthcare landscape and minimizing the impact of chronic MSK pain on physical and mental health, schedule a brief intro call or demo with our team.

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