Revolutionizing Chronic Pain Therapy Through Digital Coaching

The simple, scalable, “therapist in your pocket” approach to cost-effectively managing musculoskeletal (MSK) pain.

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A man follows an exercise routine on a tablet while stretching on the floor.

Changing the virtual care landscape

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are driving innovation and adoption of leading-edge, technology-enabled digital therapeutics (DTx) apps. The most advanced of these platforms include the delivery of smartphone-based, evidence-supported DTx apps for the management of chronic diseases.

Employers, health plans, and pharma & medtech companies now have the opportunity to leverage DTx to increase engagement, boost health outcomes overall, and control healthcare benefit costs. The Kaia Pain Management app, specific for chronic musculoskeletal (MSK) pain, is changing the virtual care landscape with the most advanced AI capabilities in the industry.

Motion Coach™ vs. sensor-based system

Digital coach apps have been around for several years. The Kaia Health Pain Management app’s Motion Coach™ functionality is a highly advanced computer vision and motion analysis tool that is unique. We have leveraged technology and removed the barriers of additional hardware and straps or sensors, which drives user performance and value. Built on Kaia Health’s proprietary algorithms and available on most smartphones, the fully automated, AI-based Motion Coach™ system uses the device’s front camera to analyze the user’s movement patterns for real-time analysis. This enables Motion Coach™ to evaluate posture, guide users through training, and correct movements and exercises as needed for the most impactful results.

Check out the video and the comparison chart below to see how Kaia Health’s Motion Coach™ outperforms sensor-based technologies in almost every category.

Chart showing how typical sensor-based system compares to Kaia Health Motion Coach.

Kaia Health continuously releases new exercises and improvements to the Motion Coach™ technology that ensures users have access to cutting-edge remote therapy. Similar to sensor-based systems, Motion Coach™ requires roughly the same amount of space (six feet) to exercise yet runs directly on most consumer smartphones and tablets.

The Kaia Health Motion Coach™ also features digital biomarkers that track and quantify performance metrics in the MSK program to assess mobility. This can help personalize therapy for users by calculating flexibility, range of motion, and stability to determine fitness level and other measures of health.

Collection of smartphone showing a woman stretching, an app, and workout routines.

Full-body digital tracking for chronic pain relief

Kaia Health’s computer vision technology supports the multimodal approach for chronic conditions – the gold standard in pain management and therapy – giving employers, payers, and pharma & medtech companies the opportunity to maximize DTx technology to:

  • Provide a simple intuitive user journey.
  • Increase participation and engagement.
  • Control healthcare costs.
  • Reduce the impact of disruptive work environments.

Effective, evidence-based digital therapeutics

Kaia Health’s superior motion-tracking technology empowers stakeholders to deliver the most advanced and effective MSK therapy available to their populations. The evidence-based, Kaia Pain Management app is a scalable, proven, and more powerful DTx solution: a digital personal trainer that improves the quality of care and outcomes, and reduces spending.

To learn more about how we can help your remote population as well as those returning to work, while making a positive change in their health and happiness, schedule a brief intro call or demo with our team.

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