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Kaia Health’s Digital Therapy Shows Sustained Impact on Pain Reduction, Functional Ability, Mental Health, and Cost-Effectiveness in 12-Month Study

Follow-up results from the Kaia Health Rise-uP study reveal superior long-term outcomes in clinical improvement and cost savings for a digital-first treatment approach to lower back pain.

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New York, NY, July 9, 2024 — Today, Kaia Health (Kaia) released the follow-up results of its landmark randomized controlled trial—the Rise-uP study. The study revealed superior long-term outcomes in clinical improvement and cost savings for a digital-first treatment approach to lower back pain.

In a study cohort of over 1,200 randomized participants—the largest of its kind in the space—patients following Kaia’s digital-first treatment saw a significant reduction in pain as well as positive improvements across physical function, mental health, and overall reduction in the cost of care compared to standard treatments after 12 months.

Key Findings:

  • Significant Pain Reduction: Participants using the Kaia app experienced a 46% reduction in pain intensity, compared to a 24% reduction in the control group. This builds on the initial three-month findings, which showed a 33% pain reduction in the Kaia group compared to 14% in the control group.
  • Improved Functional Ability: Users of the Kaia app achieved clinically significant improvements in functional ability and physical wellbeing compared to the control group which showed little to no change.
  • Mental Health Benefits: The study found lasting improvements in mental health for Kaia app users, with participants reporting reduced anxiety, depression, and stress levels as well as improved mental well-being. Patients in the control group saw deteriorating mental health trends over the same time period, validating the importance of a holistic approach to managing chronic pain and enhancing overall well-being.
  • Increased Patient Satisfaction: Participants in the Kaia group reported higher levels of satisfaction with their treatment compared to the control group.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Participants in the Rise-uP group saw an 81% decrease in overall healthcare costs compared to the control group, primarily driven by a reduction in costs associated with inpatient (hospital) treatment, medication costs, and incapacity for work.

For more detailed information, please refer to the full report here.

“We are pleased by the long-term results of the Rise-uP trial, which confirm the impact of Kaia Health’s digital therapy on pain management and overall well-being. These findings reinforce our commitment to providing innovative, cost-effective, accessible digital health solutions that improve the lives of people suffering from chronic pain.”

Konstantin Mehl, Founder and President, Kaia Health

About Kaia Health:

Kaia Health is the world’s largest digital therapeutics company on a mission to empower millions of people to live their healthiest lives. Kaia Health partners with leading health plans, employers, and providers, covering nearly 65 million lives around the world. Kaia’s evidence-based treatments, covering a range of conditions, including MSK and COPD, are powered by proprietary AI, motion analysis technology, and clinical expertise. Kaia’s app is designed to work on your smartphone or tablet – delivering the most accessible, effective, and equitable experience available. Across 20 clinical trials, Kaia Health has demonstrated effectiveness and safety on par with traditional care with as much as 80% reduction in cost, as recognized by the Program Validation from the independent Validation Institute.

To learn more about Kaia Health, please visit kaiahealth.com.

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