Kaia Health Recognized as the First Musculoskeletal Digital Therapy to Deliver Best-in-Class Cost Saving and Health Outcomes

Clinical excellence is an essential component of our company philosophy.

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By: Nigel Ohrenstein, President of Kaia Health

When I joined Kaia Health a year ago, I was struck by two things that make the company truly special. First, Kaia’s mission is exceptional: Empower millions of people around the world to live their healthiest lives by delivering the most effective digital therapies–anytime, anywhere. Second, when Kaia says “effective digital therapies,” it’s not lip service.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions affect 1 in 2 adults in the U.S. Kaia’s unique physical therapy-inspired program offers members personalized and self-directed care anytime, anywhere through a digital app and care team. With just the camera on the phone, Kaia’s advanced motion analysis technology provides real-time corrective feedback on body movements, eliminating the need for external sensors.

Clinical excellence is an essential component of our company philosophy. It’s in our DNA. When we first launched our digital therapy program for pain management in 2016, we began establishing a body of evidence to demonstrate the clinical efficacy of our solution. To date, we have completed 11 randomized clinical trials, more research than any other digital musculoskeletal solution, which proves both our impact on health outcomes and cost savings, namely:

  • Significant pain reduction (33% after 3 months)
  • Improvement in overall mental and physical health
  • Cost savings of up to 80%, compared with traditional methods of treatment

With so many healthcare companies making claims on what they can deliver, we wanted to get unbiased validation of our claims by a reputable, independent organization to create more transparency in the market and give prospective clients confidence in the outcomes Kaia can deliver. That is why we partnered with the Validation Institute, which has a track record for their evaluation rigor. The Validation Institute is an independent, third-party organization that assesses claims made by healthcare companies about their products or services. Since their launch in 2010, they’ve worked with numerous healthcare brands, using a stringent, evidence-based process to validate performance claims. Their validation also comes with a financial guarantee.

We are honored to have received Program Validation, the highest level of validation, which was based not only on our claims but also on an evaluation of one of our randomized clinical trials. Kaia Health has become the first and currently the only MSK solution with Program Validation. The Validation Institute is backing the claims with a $50K guarantee.

This is a huge achievement that recognizes Kaia Health’s rigorous, evidence-based digital therapy approach to treating MSK conditions. We’re particularly proud of our ability to show benefit to both the physical and mental well-being of our members.

“The level of clinical excellence we found with Kaia Health is remarkable–and we are thrilled to recognize the important work they are doing in the digital health space,” said Benny DiCecca, CEO, Validation Institute.

Kaia Health has made a monumental step forward in establishing clinical validation for its digital MSK therapy. It’s important to us that as we empower millions of people around the world to live their healthiest lives, we stay true to the vision of creating the most clinically sound and technologically advanced products on the market. Program validation earned from the Validation Institute is an important step on this journey.

About Kaia Health

Kaia Health is the world’s largest digital therapeutics company on a mission to empower millions of people to live their healthiest life. Our evidence-based treatments, covering a range of conditions, including musculoskeletal pain and COPD, are powered by proprietary motion analysis technology and clinical expertise.  No sensors or wearables, Kaia’s programs need only a smartphone to deliver the most accessible, effective, and equitable experience for all. Eleven clinical trials have shown Kaia’s effectiveness and safety to be as good as traditional care with up to 80% reduction in cost. Kaia Health is a member of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA) and is headquartered in NY and Munich. Kaia partners with leading health plans, employers, and providers, covering 60+ million lives around the world.

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