Leading Fortune 150 Energy & Utilities Provider Maximizes ROI with Kaia Health

Prominent Fortune 150 company sees 3X ROI and $990K in cost savings with Kaia Health.

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A prominent Fortune 150 company, recognized as one of America’s largest energy and utilities providers, sought to optimize healthcare expenditure while ensuring the well-being of its employees. Musculoskeletal (MSK) pain was one of the biggest cost drivers across the company, driving up to 38.8M in medical claims costs annually. Partnering with Kaia Health (Kaia) in 2021, the company aimed to address the increasing musculoskeletal spend among its workforce. This case study evaluates the return on investment (ROI) achieved through collaboration with Kaia Health.

Client Objectives

  • Optimize healthcare spend while prioritizing employee well-being
  • Provide an alternative for high-cost and over-utilized surgery and injections
  • Decrease dependency on painkillers and opioids
  • Provide better support in early disease stages

Study Design and Analysis

The study employed a retrospective post- cost difference comparison to evaluate the impact of Kaia’s intervention. The treatment group comprised employees who enrolled in Kaia and actively utilized its services, while the control group consisted of members who had their first physical therapy (PT) visit within the study period.

To ensure the reliability of the findings, the study populations were matched based on key demographic and clinical variables, including age, gender, cost of care, geographic location, income, and comorbidities. The measurement period spanned 12 months post-enrollment, and the following individuals were excluded to maintain this study’s integrity:

  • Members under 18 years old at the time of enrollment
  • Members without coverage for 12 months prior to the index event
  • Members with total allowed expenses exceeding $150,000 in the 12 months preceding the index event

The primary outcome measured was the total MSK allowed dollars per member, serving as a proxy for healthcare utilization and expenditure related to MSK conditions.

This Fortune 150 company’s partnership with Kaia yielded substantial returns, as evidenced by the remarkable ROI achieved and significant cost savings realized. By leveraging Kaia’s digital-first solution, the company effectively addressed MSK issues among its workforce while optimizing healthcare expenditure.

"I appreciate the flexibility in targeting various areas. While I initially focused on my knee pain, I am now addressing my back pain."

Kaia member

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