Digital Exercise Performance Tracking with Kaia Health’s Motion Coach™

AI-powered Motion Coach™ technology digitally guides users through musculoskeletal (MSK) rehabilitation to maximize effectiveness, reduce medical spend.

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A man does lunges in his living room while following along with a program on his smartphone.

Digital Therapeutics Innovation

Digital Therapeutics are the future of healthcare, and Kaia Health is driving innovation forward with its digital programs for musculoskeletal (MSK) plus hip and knee pain. The Kaia Health Pain Management app has already been proven twice as effective as standard-of-care treatments. It has also proven its cost-effectiveness by lowering medical claims for employers.

What makes these powerful results possible? And how is the Kaia Health Pain Management app able to outperform standard-of-care treatment across all medical outcomes, including pain, anxiety, depression, stress, body function, and well-being? One of the key “ingredients” is the Kaia Health Motion Coach™.

About Motion Coach

The Kaia Health Pain Management app was developed to make clinically proven, multimodal digital therapy widely available to businesses and their populations to safely and cost-effectively address MSK pain and other conditions. Our pain management app is powered by the Kaia Health Motion Coach, a highly advanced computer vision and motion analysis tool unique in the digital therapeutics industry. Motion Coach has no wearable devices, specialty camera, or hardware, and requires no Internet connection to function. Motion Coach is able to monitor, quantify, and analyze human movement while adjusting to users’ individual needs.

Using the gold-standard multimodal approach to chronic conditions, the Kaia Health Pain Management app delivers comprehensive back pain education and customized daily training sessions along with psychological support in the form of mindfulness, and stress reduction. Incorporating the latest technological advances into the Kaia Health app plays a critical role in its demonstrated and clinically validated success.

How does it work?

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Motion Coach’s computer vision technology enables smartphone and tablet cameras to “see” more like humans do, analyzing the user’s movement patterns during exercises for real-time analysis and providing live, corrective feedback.

The Kaia Health Motion Coach

  • Captures video
  • Identifies key body points
  • Analyzes video

What does it do?

Proprietary therapy algorithms that encode the expertise of physical therapists, physicians, and psychologists are built into the fully automated Motion Coach. This powerful customization is what enables Motion Coach to evaluate posture, guide users through training, and correct movements and exercises as needed for the most impactful results.

The Kaia Health Motion Coach

  • Tracks the body’s movement
  • Assesses posture
  • Gives direct audio and video feedback

Why Motion Coach?

  • Effective therapy, to ensure your population stays on track
  • Enhancement of therapeutic effectiveness by ensuring proper form and making sure exercises are done safely
  • Adherence, to keep your population engaged and motivated to follow exercises in an orderly and effective manner
  • Great user interface that feels personalized, hands-on, and fun

Motion Coach operates in four distinct modes to best fit the user’s needs and fitness level:

  • Learning mode—to teach new exercises
  • Training mode—to count repetitions and hold times
  • Biomarker mode—to measure biomarkers of fitness level such as flexibility and range of motion
  • Gaming mode—for interactive warmups
Four smartphones show Kaia Health's Motion Coach helping individuals with different exercises.

These operating modes guide end users through fun, engaging, and truly interactive experiences. Furthermore, the digital biomarker mode uses motion tracking to directly determine fitness level and other measures of health. Motion Coach digital biomarkers calculate observable and objective measurements such as flexibility, range of motion, and other movement patterns. These advanced metrics are the foundation for evidence-based interventions that work alongside gold-standard multimodal pain management therapy.

To keep your population motivated, engaged, and results-focused, Motion Coach:

  • Ensures high quality of movement and correct execution of exercises
  • Provides intra-workout motivation and accountability
  • Gathers and delivers data to customize and adjust workouts in real time

Motion Coach is purpose-built for our MSK digital therapeutic, which is customized to each user. Our therapy algorithm, motion coach and human coach combine to deliver the entire Kaia experience to the user, personalized and facilitated through our live coaches. The Kaia MSK app directly benefits your population and reduces medical spend because it is:

  • Built on a foundation of strong evidence
  • Supported by three controlled, well-designed, published clinical trials with additional trials in progress
  • A driver of cost savings with robust ROI measurement and performance guarantees

Outperforming conventional therapy

The power of Motion Coach integrated with Kaia Health’s live coaches is transforming the MSK management landscape with a unique combination of AI and human coaching. When combined with the platform’s psychological and educational support, the Kaia Health Pain Management app has been proven to outperform conventional therapy.

Health plans, employers, and their populations now have access to a digital chronic pain platform that meets the needs of each individual while improving health outcomes at the population level. Motion Coach technology also enables Kaia Health to integrate therapies for other chronic conditions—including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)—for a fully integrated digital therapeutic that improves outcomes while lowering the overall cost of care.

A smartphone shows a woman stretching to her right side.
1. Capture RGB video directly from a smartphone or tablet
A woman stretches her arm while small dots highlight points along her body.
2. Identify body keypoints and construct representation of pose
A man does lunges in his living room while following along with a program on his smartphone.
3. Analyze video, supply real-time feedback, and assess posture using a patent-pending analysis engine

Want to learn more?

To learn more about how the Kaia Health MSK Pain Management app can be integrated with your existing wellness benefits to deliver the gold standard in digital therapeutics for chronic pain, schedule a brief intro call or demo with our team.

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