Place Your Bet on Engagement and ROI Will Follow

How to leverage digital health and personalization to manage chronic disease, improve population health and boost bottom-line results.

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Health and wellness benefits now play a major role in employee satisfaction and retention, and employers are turning to new, evidence-based digital solutions to support core business metrics while keeping employees healthy, engaged and prepared for new challenges.

Go big on employee or member engagement

The shortest distance between employee engagement and improved business and health outcomes is technology. But this logic comes with caveats. For example, a digital therapeutics (DTx) solution or platform may look great on paper and have a flashy user interface. Unfortunately, without matching your unique population, removing barriers to adoption, and driving engagement, it can fall well short of organizational goals.

The DTx industry itself has experienced substantial and sustained growth as employers, along with third party administrators (TPAs) and engagement platforms, are turning to DTx solutions for their ability to address chronic pain and chronic illness – typically the biggest cost drivers in any organization. However, the challenge of connecting employees or members in need with the care they need to improve outcomes at scale remains out of reach for many.

Read on for three employee or member engagement must-haves when selecting a health benefit solution:

1) Source technology with a human touch
Health benefits platform provider Castlight Health asserts that for a digital health solution to be successful and hit the sweet spot, it must have a strong business case, drive happiness, and sustain high engagement through rapidly available and easily accessible digital health apps. The most advanced health benefit solutions are leveraging advances in artificial intelligence to drive personalization and engagement. Blend high-tech approach with a human touch such as live coaching, real-time performance evaluation and a gamified experience to tackle costly chronic conditions such as back pain … and you’ll discover a recipe for engagement.

2) Focus on low barriers to entry
Depending on the chronic condition, many vendor solutions may require complex straps or hardware. Instead, increase engagement by leveraging the devices your population already owns. Onboard mobile solutions where the only equipment needed is an intuitive mobile interface accessed from the comfort of a member’s own home. For your department, a lower barrier to entry may be the ability to implement a digital solution anytime, off-cycle. Or perhaps adopting a solution that is evidence-based – supported by medical experts and verified through independent published studies – which can lessen the risk for you and be more effective than standard of care.

3) Personalization throughout the user journey
Think of engagement as adoption plus utilization. Look for a solution where users get real-time personalized feedback and private consultation. After all, each user is unique, which is where technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision can customize every experience at scale. And by targeting a chronic healthcare condition such as MSK pain that is not being effectively addressed by the current healthcare system, you’re on track to drive adoption and utilization of a DTx that will positively impact the bottom line.

Tired of the endless cycle of ineffective, chronic MSK pain treatment plans? Consider a DTx musculoskeletal solution for a fraction of the cost of surgery, opioids, or traditional physical therapy. With the right solution and a focus on high-tech, high-touch personalization, your team can successfully address one of the most costly healthcare challenges facing businesses today.

We’re committed to providing scalable and cost-effective solutions to the increasing number of people who are suffering from chronic conditions. To learn more about making DTx solutions work for your population, schedule a brief intro call or demo with our team.

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