Kaia Health Works to Expand the Reach and Impact of Digital Therapies

A message from Nigel Ohrenstein, President of Kaia Health

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At Kaia Health, we are on a mission to democratize healthcare by providing access to high-quality care—anywhere, anytime. We’ve seen exceptional growth as we bring to market an innovative, proven digital musculoskeletal (MSK) solution that combines cutting-edge technology with human care to drive superior outcomes for all.

After a banner year in 2021, we are entering 2022 with tremendous momentum—launching more than 50 new clients from a wide range of industries, including 10 Fortune 500 employers. This milestone represents a more than 400% increase in client growth over the course of 2021, and we now serve more than 500,000 users worldwide.

A pie chart showing Kaia health 2022 new clients by industry.

In December, we also announced new results from a randomized controlled trial—the largest in the digital MSK industry—which showed Kaia Health cuts costs by 80% compared to more traditional treatments, and we were named one of the most innovative digital health startups in the world by CB Insights.

Here are our top highlights from the last 12 months:

  • Expanding access to MSK care with the launch of Kaia Gateway, a holistic solution that combines digital therapy, health coaching, tele-PT, and in-person care, including the delivery of on-demand, in-person physical therapy to a patient’s doorstep if needed
  • Ensuring safety in the largest digital therapeutic study of its kind, with nearly 140,000 participants, demonstrating Kaia Health’s ability to deliver safe and equitable care
  • Cutting MSK costs by 80% compared to traditional treatments, as shown in the industry’s largest randomized controlled trial
  • Demonstrating quality, equitable care in a new clinical study showing our technology is as accurate as a physical therapist in suggesting exercise corrections
  • Accelerating growth with our $75 million series C round and the appointment of Lumeris co-founder Nigel Ohrenstein as President

"We love the fact that it is easy for our employees to start, as they only need their own phone. Kaia has been amazing to work with and helping us to make the program work for our population. In addition, our leadership is very impressed with the impact we have had on our employees in such a short time."

Director of Benefits, Leading US Health System

Looking at the year ahead, our team is working hard each day to accelerate the reach and impact of our digital therapies. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for news on our latest clinical trials and our accelerated growth as we work to make more effective and affordable digital therapies available for all.

Profile photo of Nigel Ohrenstein Kaia Health's President.

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