Five Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Find fast relief from lower back pain with easy exercises and stretches you can do from the comfort of your home.

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Find Lower Back Pain Relief

According to the World Health Organization, 619 million people worldwide experienced lower back pain in 2020 and that number is projected to increase to 843 million by 2050. Back pain is the single most prolific cause of disability across the globe and it doesn’t discriminate by age. Whether you’re 25 (yes, seriously) or 50, low back pain can impact your well-being and quality of life in more ways than you might imagine.

But wait! There’s good news.

Of every musculoskeletal condition, lower back pain is actually one of the most treatable, and no, we’re not going to suggest surgery, injections, or pain medications. By performing just a few lower-back pain relief exercises and stretches for even six minutes a day, many people experience almost immediate lower back pain relief. That said, we know how overwhelming it can feel to take on a new exercise routine or begin physical therapy for the first time, so our team of physical therapists and certified coaches have created easy exercises and stretches for lower back pain relief that you can perform from anywhere, anytime. All you need is a chair or stool and you’re good to go.

But first, let’s explore the many ways chronic and acute back pain can manifest and what causes it in the first place.

What’s causing my lower back pain?

Whether it’s a short-term issue or a persistent problem, managing lower back pain can be an extremely unpleasant experience. You may feel a chronic, dull ache in your lower back region, sharp and shooting pain, stiffness, muscle spasms, and even limited mobility.

Weight lifting without proper form can strain your muscles and lead to discomfort. Frequent bending can place excessive stress on the lower back, and prolonged sitting at a desk for extended periods can contribute to muscle tightness and posture-related issues, both of which may manifest as lower back pain.

If this is you, you are definitely not alone and we’re going to show you our favorite stretches and exercises that will help you prevent, manage, and alleviate lower back pain so you can get back to the activities you love most.

Best Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Seated March Stretches

  • Start the exercise in an upright position on a stool or chair.
  • Hug one of your legs below the knee and pull it toward your chest.
  • Hold this position.
Seated March Stretches

Tandem Stance Sit to Stand

  • Start the exercise sitting upright on a chair.
  • Place your feet on the floor with one foot further forward and the other further back.
  • Thrust yourself up into a standing position using the strength of your front leg and stretch the opposite arm up toward the ceiling. Make sure you stretch your whole body while doing so. Then sit down again and change the position of your feet with the other foot now forward.
  • Repeat the exercise alternately with each leg and arm.
Tandem Stance Sit to Stand

Seated Good Mornings

  • Start the exercise sitting upright on a chair.
  • Arms are stretched up toward the ceiling. Imagine that your pelvis, chest, and head are three blocks standing on top of each other to form a tower.
  • Tilt the tower a little forward without the edges separating and making sure the tower remains straight. Now go slowly back into the upright position.
  • Repeat.
Seated Good Mornings

Chair Hamstring Stretch

  • Sit on a chair. Extend one leg straight in front of you so that your heel is on the floor and your toes are pointed up.
  • Straighten your spine and place your hands on the thigh of the extended leg.
  • Bend forward keeping your spine straight until you feel a pull along the back of your thighs and calf.
  • Hold the position.
  • Repeat with the other leg.
Chair Hamstring Stretch

Down Dog Walks

  • Start with your hands and feet on the floor with your hips flexed upward.
  • Alternately bend one knee and then the other, as if you are walking.
  • Gradually straighten your knees and lower your heels to the floor as you perform this walking movement to stretch your calf and hamstring muscles.
Down Dog Walks 

The path to pain relief

These lower-back pain stretches and exercises can improve your muscle balance and posture to help you find relief, and you only need to perform them a couple of times a week (six minutes a day!) to start seeing results.

It’s also important to remember that pain can significantly impact your mental health and vice versa, so practice mindfulness and gratitude while you’re working through your exercises. Things like meditation and yoga for lower back pain relief can help you stay positive, motivated, and see faster results.

However, if your pain persists or worsens, talk to your doctor. They can put you on a more targeted digital physical therapy program like the one offered by Kaia Health. At Kaia, we create personalized care tailored to your unique pain points and offer regular coaching to help you stay motivated and reach your goals.

Learn more about Kaia Health’s digital treatment for back, joint, and chronic pain here.


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